Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We'll Be Right Back

Today we spent class having students showcase their group advertising projects. This is the culmination of a unit spent analyzing propaganda and persuasion techniques, and seeing how these tools are used in commercials and media.

The kids were very excited to share their work. Their task was to develop an ad campaign around an existing or not-yet-invented product. Beyond that, they could also create advertising for a Public Service Announcement (PSA)...e.g. wearing seat belts, texting while driving, animal adoption, etc. Groups created digital presentations to talk through, along with a video that would be their television or web commercial.

Image result for technical difficulties

Of course, what do we experience today? Some good old-fashioned technical difficulties! It really was a nice little mixed bag of stuff. Videos not loading properly, speakers not talking to the projector, etc. All in all, it really wasn't too bad. We forged through any temporary road block and enjoyed some really clever, great work from some of the groups. 

And that's the point. It doesn't really matter if there are some glitches every now and again. The benefits of what these kids can do with tech - when done intelligently and purposefully - greatly outweigh any temporary headaches. Every year there are new, fun tech tools, better video software, and more ways for students to express their learning and skills. To make that happen, I'll happy deal with a couple technical difficulties.

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