Monday, February 2, 2015

Applying the Lessons

Well, it has definitely been forever since I've written anything in this space. In truth, there isn't a good, clear reason - let alone many reasons.

The crazy part is that this has been a school year where I've probably had more going on, doing more things with my classes, and engaging in more new & challenging things than I've done in a while. But with all of this movement, activity, and learning going on, I haven't taken the usual time to write and reflect on what's happening!

But today, the confluence of two different things propelled me into getting back on the horse, so to speak:

1. We started talking about SMART Goals today with our Advisory students, as we prepare for student-led conferences later this month.

2. I was straight-up called out by a tremendous colleague and mentor!

Basically, a guy I really respect - Mike Walker - challenged me to get back to blogging. This was important because it reminded me that sometimes people do read what you throw out there, and that this really can be a positive professional practice.

As for the SMART Goals, this was a perfect catalyst to take Mike's motivation and get me going. So, here's my blogging SMART Goal for the rest of this school year:

S - goal will be to blog 2-3 times each and every week.

M - measurable...I will be able to track my blog posts, views, and feedback.

A - achievable...I will be able to utilize prep time and time outside of the work day to reflect. Also, this is a pace I have been able to write at before.

R - relevant...this practice relates to and builds on what I do professionally.

T - time-oriented...I will be able to notice a difference by the end of the semester.

So here goes...let's try this again. This time with feeling!

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