Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Weekend

As I right this, the weekend is under an hour away. My time with the students is done for the week; all that's left is prep and a team meeting.

This has been a good week.

     My students are excitedly writing on a daily basis on their Language Arts blogs, working on digital story telling projects, and final drafts of their first Anchor Papers of the year: creative/narrative pieces, focusing on the "day in the life" of something other than themselves.

     My family continues to be a source of inspiration, love, and support. I am incredibly blessed to have two children who love to play with me, wrestle, work on homework together, read, swim, skate, shoot hoops, etc. I have a wife that adores me - why, I'm not completely sure - but is a smart, incredible teacher in her own right and pushes me further along my path.

     My weekend is one looking to be filled with friends, laughter, and football, as we continue a tradition started in college of taking a weekend in the winter to be together up north.

I won't even mind too much if the Packers win :)

Happy weekend everybody!

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