Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back to An Old Favorite

Hard to believe it's already been a year! Here we are, once again on the cusp of another installment of that great American tradition of opulence - The Super Bowl. And with it, this year's batch of very expensive, much-anticipated commercials.

Much like last year, we will be discussing persuasion and different persuasion techniques. Additionally, we will examine different propaganda techniques used by advertisers in their ongoing attempts to help us remove money from our wallets.

Even five days before the game, the buzz has started around some commercials. With some, there may already be a dose of controversy. Next Monday morning, there will be as much armchair-quarterbacking about the ads as there will be for the game.

This is always a great springboard into talking about the construction of persuasive essays, which helps lead us into argument papers down the road. With commercials being what they are, students are always highly engaged and are excited to learn. They soon realize that many of these techniques are used on them - on a daily basis of bombardment! - whether they realize it or not.

I will continue to send updates throughout the next couple weeks; about student favorites, hot-button issues, duds, and any new learnings.

With that, here's a classic Super Bowl commercial to get you in the mood!

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