Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Summer's Comin'!

At one point this afternoon, as we drove the kids out for ice cream and to visit a children's book store, the thermometer inside my wife's truck read 62 degrees. This was, in fact, an incredibly awesome thing. So sweet my wife couldn't help but take a picture on her phone. I know, it's completely silly; making it seem like we've just endured the worst winter ever. In fact, this has been a relatively easy winter. For that we are grateful.

What made today so awesome is this indisputable fact:

We are 100%, without a doubt, summer people.

Yes it's good to have a lot of time with the kids during the summer, but it's really more about how much we actually do outside during the summer...sports, cabin, outdoor concerts, parades, swimming, running, biking, golfing, etc.

Last year we added another: Minnesota Twins season tickets - sharing with a couple friends anyways. And tonight, we split the tickets. It's just one more sign that spring & summer are fast approaching. I love baseball; played and traveled a lot with it growing up, and my wife and kids love it too. The new Twins ballpark, Target Field, is absolutely beautiful, and catching a game down there on an 80-degree summer night just can't be beat.

While the school year grinds on, and I continue to push my students harder and higher (all while they're doing their best to revolt some times), I can look forward to the days of summer - golf, cabin, running, biking, and Twins...I know I'll get by!


  1. Man! You always beat me to the topic! I'm writing about this sometime this week, so just look for it! I love spending summer with you. And I just can't wait for it to be here. I'm glad you understand me taking a picture of the temperature. It will appear in my post!

  2. Hmmmmm - we must all have spring (or rather Summer) fever - several people, including me, wrote about Summer and the sun. Thoroughly enjoyed this post. From one die hard summer person to another.