Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Speeding Towards Break

As we barrel towards Spring Break here in 6th grade, I have noticed different coping mechanisms from various students.

To wit:

-Hunker down, study hard, stay on top of things...the end is in sight, "I can do this." - roughly 15%

-Show up, take up my seat in class, cruise through assignments, assessments and notes; generally go unnoticed by Mr. Moore - 30%

-Begin showing aggressive signs of Spring Fever, talk loudly in class, become as easily distracted as a degenerate gambler in the Sports Book at Caesars  - 50%

-"I'm done, I will run amok, do not interfere with this process!" - 5%

Good times! Thankfully, there are speeches to be given, peer evaluations to be completed, and Unit tests to be taken. Oh 6th graders, I shall meet your irresistible force with my immovable object!!



  1. Great slice! My 7th graders are also impatiently waiting for their spring vacation to arrive. I am, too! I think 80% of my students (including their teacher) are demonstrating "distracted as a degenerate gambler" behavior.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a theme happening in middle schools everywhere at this time. I agree with your percentages. I liked your line about meeting students with immovable objects.