Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Something Will Give

Oh, to be in the midst of what I like to call "The Grind," the part of the school year from Winter Break to Spring Break that's only broken up by a couple random days.

Truth be told, it's probably my favorite part of the school year. Why? Because it's when so much work and progress occurs. We're done reviewing; done initiating the sixth graders into middle school life; no fall and Thanksgiving breaks to work around...just a ton of new content with solid stretches of time to immerse ourselves in and learn a great deal.

Here's the deal though: I'm beginning to detect my students don't share my enthusiasm, and this will lead to struggles.

Some of my kids are more than ready for Spring Break. Some of my kids have completely hit "the wall." Some of my kids are reaching a point of being completely fried. And yet, I will not stop pushing them...because this is when the growth happens. And what my students are figuring out is this: Mr. Moore will not be swayed in this arena.

Why? Because I care, and I refuse to let them NOT learn and grow; as much as that drives them crazy, the alternative would drive me crazy, and we can't have a crazy teacher, now can we?

They will fight; they may kick and scream; they may get frustrated. No matter...they will lose. And for that, I will be happy and proud.


  1. Keep on keeping on! I feel very nervous when I see the kids start to lose their enthusiasm, especially with moody eighth graders. But your entry today motivates me to keep pushing :)

  2. Yes, sometimes it's the students and sometimes it can be the teachers! I do agree with you in the fact that it is a time of growth for the kids. We can get a lot done in these next few weeks!

  3. This is my favorite time of year too. I teach second graders and they are pretty easy to motivate. More so than 6th graders I am sure! They do get spring fever just like the rest of us though. I keep my routines the same but make sure I introduce new ways to go about our learning. That usually seems to help. Your students are lucky to have such a passionate teacher!