Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's March...Time to Write!

Welcome to March everybody! That magical time of year for warmer temps (hopefully) NCAA hoops madness (One Shining Moment), Spring Training baseball games, the PGA tour heating up, and of course, Standardized Testing!

Author's Note: Not necessarily a huge for of this last item. However, it's become a bit of a tradition over the last decade + as a teacher, so you just go with it...celebrate life's little nuances, eh?

Anyways...there's a new March to-do I've been introduced to, by none other than my extremely talented wife: The March Slice of Life Challenge to Write Everyday.

Here's the back-story: Last year, the aforementioned lovely, talented wife participated in this challenge as she was doing prolific amounts of writing through her Writing Cohort. She keeps a wonderful family blog that I know she & I will cherish as the years go by; in truth, I already do! As I've slowly increased the amount of writing I do on this blog, she has mentioned to me how I should do the challenge as well. So, last night rolls around and she asks, "Are you going to do the Slice of Life March Writing challenge?"

Yes, yes I will.

Honestly, I don't know if I'll make it every day. I hope to, but sometimes I forget on weekends. Also, I tend to write a lot as things inspire me through teaching, my own learning, or my own goals (for example, my latest posts on The New Classroom), and I need to become more aware of these tiny, daily encouragements to be able to pull this off. Nonetheless, Challenge Accepted!


  1. I drafted my husband as well. I look forward to reading both blogs.

    1. We have so much influence on our husbands...can't wait to read both of yours as well!

  2. Excellent! I'm glad you are joining us...and I bet MommyK will help remind you. :)

  3. Yea! So happy you decided to join, honey! I can't wait to read your writing...for the wit and humor as well as you thoughtful perspective on whatever it is you write about. Love March Madness...and golf too! Did you ever think I would say that?!

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