Monday, March 5, 2012


Friends absolutely rock.

I mean the really solid, known-for-a-while, pick-up-where-you-left-off, always-have-a-good-time friends.

I'm sure you know the type, have the type, appreciate the type.

This past weekend, my wife and I found ourselves incredibly blessed to spend a lot of time with some of these friends.

First we spent Saturday afternoon and evening with college friends, and our kiddos played for hours with their boys. It was wonderful; we don't get to see them too much anymore, but it's always a treat. There's always a ton to talk about, shared values, and wonderful insight to get from each other.

Sunday we were invited by other friends to join them for brunch, and once again, our kids were able to play for hours with their kids afterwards, while the adults hung out, talked a lot of golf (guys), travel, school, church, etc. and walked down the street to check out a model home for kicks and giggles.

To top it all off, a close college buddy invited me yesterday to join him in a suite for the Wild game. The game itself wasn't all that great (good guys lost 2-0), but for the two of us (both busy professionals, 2 kids apiece, married) the time to catch up, have a couple beers and some laughs was invaluable.

In terms of the Slice of Life March daily writing challenge, I already failed! I didn't post this weekend. Although to my credit, I pretty much called it last week. However, my time was spent with my family and these incredible friends, and for that, I'll accept the fact that I didn't get it done. Give me the friendship every day of the week - and twice on Sunday!

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  1. I know just the kind of friendships to which you are referring--the easy, comfortable, no effort kind! It is amazing how fulfilling a simple friendship can be. I like the phrase "shared values." It makes me think that a foundation of shared values probably helps foster the easy relationship it sounds like your kids have with your friends' children.