Friday, March 2, 2012


Here's to you - Sixth grade student - willing to get on stage and sing "Someone Like You," Adele-style with only a piano backing, in front of 300 peers.

Here's to you - Girls from 6th & 7th grade - performing a dance number with glow bracelets in the dark, in front of 300 peers.

Here's to you - 6th grade boy - performing a four-minute Yo-Yo routine, powered with a background song from Bruno Mars, in front of 300 peers.

Here's to you - 6th grade girl - singing a Capella "Girl Get Your Records On," leading the clapping, in front of 300 peers.

And here's to you - 8th grade boy - confidently striding on stage, doing a four-minute solo dance number, with some seriously great moves, in front of 300 peers.


Here's NOT to you - roughly 30 of the 300 peers, who couldn't help but make comments, snide remarks, giggle, or simply converse during any & all of these routines.

Not cool at all. Why?

Because it takes some serious stones to get up on stage in front of 300 of your peers and perform! Not as part of a school choir, band or orchestra concert; not as part of a school play, surrounded by classmates; not on the field of play, supported by coaches and teammates, separated from the stands. No, these students wanted to display their talents, and put themselves on a very bright, isolated stage. The very least you can do is support them and cheer them as best you can.

I know sometimes it's hard to be a pre-teen and teenager. Trust me, I've been there before. Sometimes it's equally as hard to watch students go through it too, especially when they aren't making the best decisions. Hopefully they'll learn; hopefully they'll appreciate the courage in each other.

For now, Here's to You - brave souls!

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  1. Love this! Give me many mental images about the kids you teach. Thanks for sharing your perspective!