Friday, February 3, 2012


My classroom door is regularly swinging open, with former students stopping by to say hello, catch up, and say hi to my current class. Without fail, the current class is always annoying by this behavior, but then they begin doing the exact same this the next school year. It can be boys, who want to swing by and talk sports (the upcoming Pats-Giants Super Bowl is a huge topic of interest), or girls, who stop to chat/complain about older grades/ask how my kids are/etc.

As my current class of students expresses their annoyance and dismay at these 'visits,' they always ask me why I'm not more bothered. Typically, I simply answer with something along the lines of it's nice to have visitors and catch up. Every year, by about January or so, students in my current class start to ask if they can stop by "all the time next year too?" Yes, of course, I tell them; then my class next year can be annoyed!

I know this happens with many teachers; especially in my building, as there are a multitude of fantastic teachers at my school.

And I don't write about this today as a means of bragging...

Simply put, I feel very blessed. Blessed and honored that kids - teenagers - take a moment to say hello, share a laugh, tell me a story, etc. It's a hidden, unpaid perk of this job career. Another bonus is teaching 6th grade in a school that goes through 9th. I really get to know some students over the course of four year. Even some former students babysit my own children!

While some times aren't great for visits - tests, deep lectures, speeches, etc. - I will never frown upon a former student's shadow darkening my doorway; it's a blessing.

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