Monday, February 6, 2012

True Goals

We are going to spend a lot of time this month in our Advisory classes helping students prepare for Spring Conferences. Specifically, the conference format will be 'student-led.' I understand their are many different ways to execute a student-led conference, and we have yet to determine/be told what format we will follow. Clearly, it's important we decide on a format, and work towards being as seamless as we can be across the board as teachers within a building. What won't matter, however, is the importance of the preparation students will undergo to get ready for these conferences.

Why is this so important? Students should need to take ownership of their own learning; to set clear goals for themselves; to realize just how powerful they can & should be in their own learning journey. That's the goal for this next month in Advisory: help students become Educational Stewards for themselves. In fact, this is probably one of a few main, essential goals I have every year for my students.

1. Learn to love learning & see it as lifelong
2. Control/Own their own learning
3. Become Better Thinkers

I enjoy these goals because a.) I think they are important goals & essential learning traits, and b.) Any student can do this, no matter their intellectual/emotional/maturity level. This second point is key, because 6th graders can be all over the map! Additionally, these 3 goals are universal & can be applied/practiced in any subject area.

The past few years, I've added a 4th goal: 4. Collaborate & Utilize 21st-century tools to enhance learning...this is key too, and is becoming more fun every year (as well as important!).

Recently, we've been working on some social commentary writing, focusing on Super Bowl commercials. Students have needed to discuss why they think the ads are effective, both personal and on a larger, cultural level. I need students who are actively thinking about what they are doing, reflecting on their own experience as a media consumer, and analyzing the construction of these advertisements. Suddenly, something that seems easy (watching commercials via YouTube) becomes a little more involved! Hopefully, when students are being better, more engaged thinkers, they learn a little about themselves, their society, and the power of media...not just the awesomeness of vampires being obliterated by car headlights!

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  1. Can't wait to see your Googlios portfolios next year!!!!