Thursday, November 10, 2011

Compassion, Insight & Purpose

I've been thinking a lot about the importance of these three elements within this 'digital age' we live in. Different aspects of recent news stories have probably brought this stuff to mind. Watching just how quickly the stories at Penn State have unfolded, aided by the power of social media, is a bit mind-boggling. Looking in from the outside, it seems like compassion for other people and a situation overall can get lost in the shuffle.

It's complicated, this social media-digital age-omnipresent news environment. No wonder things can get crazy in a matter of minutes. I don't think elements like compassion and insight can possibly keep up with the pace of the news-reaction-more reaction-commentary-news cycle.

But I think they should.

My role is obviously multi-faceted; there is no shortage of hats I need to wear. Well, here's another one: I need to foster in my students a spirit a mind-set of reflection. Of taking a breath, sitting back, and really thinking about what they are consuming digitally, especially before they react digitally. I have to coach my students up on the importance of compassion - or empathy - to really put themselves in another's shoes and see the situation from a different angle; to have insight and understand the subject matter so they can competently respond; to have a purpose for what they are saying/writing/etc.

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  1. And I know you do it well. They are lucky to have you to foster that reflective nature because that's you. You're the one that is able to take a step back, look at everything, feel everything-to take it all in. There is no one better than you to learn it from!