Wednesday, April 6, 2011

...And Exhale

It's been a busy few weeks. End of quarter and grade reports, finishing work for the latest class in our technology cohort, bringing the kids to all sorts of area attractions over Spring Break. But finally, a quick respite, and a chance to catch my breath. As an added bonus, the weather finally decided to cooperate with some warmer air and sunshine. Go figure. While the work has been plenty, and stress levels have had their momentary spikes, I have to say the experience in the tech cohort class has once again been rewarding; two for two so far in that regard. Not only rewarding...challenging, inspiring, thought-provoking and engaging would also be appropriate superlatives to use. What's been great about this experience is how much I've learned as a professional, as well as how much I've immediately taken away and/or created to use directly with my students. To me, that's what valuable learning is all about. Another nice quality about the type of work we are doing in this cohort is how elastic and ever-evolving the products and learning seem to be. Take our latest project, for example. We needed to develop an Integrated Technology Unit; something that could be used in a subject we teach. Many of us put multiple hours of work into this unit. It's worth it, though, because I will begin implementing this work with my own students in a few short weeks. What makes it elastic? Just this morning, I was already thinking about how I can add to & modify my unit...and I just submitted it last night! Even though I spent a ton of time on it, and am very proud of where it is so far, the best part might be the fact that this is just the starting point...from here I can continue to develop this unit, make it exactly how I want it to be once I start to see how it interfaces with my students. Exciting stuff - it makes the work and journey all the more worth it - and I can't wait to see what lies ahead with the next class. But for now, I'll enjoy the next 5 days off...from that at least; Spring Break is over!

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